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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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at 11:00, frigid start to the new year. the feel-like temperature plummeting to azure. your weather alert. >> reporter: i'm dorothy spencer
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people are coming in from the cold. what do you have for me? thank you so much. we'll have the story coming up. a plane falls from the sky and burst into flames in puerto rico and the death toll includes 10 americans. news for 11 starts now. >> it's one of the biggest new year's eve parties in our area. you're looking live at the celebration at first night alexandria, a fun-filled affair for all ages. let's take you live to the wharf for the hoisting of the anchor, the district and festivities as well. the bitter cold forced some cities to cancel their event they had planned for tonight. the big apple hosting the biggest party in the country. these are live pictures from time square. we'll take a closer look at the fun and security situation there. clock is ticking, less than an hour from 2018. we'll take you
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across our area of the country and around the world. good evening, everybody. i'm chris lawrence. if you're planning to be outside it will be absolutely brutal. we're talking feel-like temperatures as low as 10 degrees in the coming hours. we got a start with the dangerously cold weather heading into the area. for folks that will be off tomorrow boy, is it going to be cold. >> remember, all it takes is 30 minutes and your skin exposed in temperatures like this to get to frostbite. it's imperative to make sure you're layered up. temperature in the district, 17 degrees. what does it feel like? it feels like 7 out there. we are partly cloudy, mostly clear throughout the night. winds out of the north at 8 miles an hour. as those winds pick up we will feel much
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until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're talking temperatures feeling like minus 10 in some areas. as we head through the night your countdown forecast, take a look at it. 15 degrees through midnight. i'll have a look how long this cold is going to stick around. back to you. >> thank you. while some brave the frigid temperatures outside, others decide to go indoors. how's it looking out there now, darcy? ♪ >> reporter: you noticed at 6:00 i managed to find my way inside but at 11:00 i'm outside. that's totally appropriate because this is where the street celebration is happening for first night alexandria. i can tell you it is very cold, people are bundled up but it is new year's eve. the masonic temple in alexandria lit up for new year's eve.
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a good time, the big kids, too, clowns making balloons and having a sword fight always a big hit at first night alexandria. >> we're making something very special for a special lady. >> reporter: hedi the clown has been doing this for years. you made this for me? >> yes. an nbc peacock? thank you. >> spider-man. i think he would be awesome. >> we're going to have a lot of fun and not worry about the cold. >> reporter: there's no way to avoid it if you're going out to celebrate. a bitter cold new year's eve. people staying inside bars and restaurants bundled up. the crowd seemed smaller than
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cold won't drive people away. if someone says, i won't go, it's too cold. >> it's indoors. you walk from your car to your house, the same difference from one venue to the next. just get out and tough it out. it's december 31st. >> reporter: it is very cold out here. new year's eve only happens once a year. there's still time. fireworks go off at midnight. you have about an hour to come down here at alexandria water front. chris, it's been great working with you and look forward to working with you in 2018. >> it looks beautiful behind you. thanks for bundling up to bring us pictures from outside. i know it's cold out there. >> reporter: yep, thanks. >> happy new year. >> i want to give you a look at time square,he
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and shaping up to be one of the coldest new year's eve celebrations on record. we will bring you more of the sights and sounds as it continues. meanwhile, president trump and first lady, melania trump and his son, baron, are getting ready to celebrate the new year in florida. and said he's optimistic 2018 will be a great year. in kr, ten americans have been killed in a wooded area off the pacific coast. 12 people were killed, two kr can crew members and five were from the same family. it had taken off from a runway nearby and now costa rica can officials are looking into what made it go
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others wounded in colorado. tonight, police have released a picture of matthew riehl. he fired more than 100 rounds this morning. shooting two other people and he opened fire. deputy zackari parrish killed in that fire and the others trying to pull the father to safety even though they were wounded as well. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. all of us have been hit at least once. >> 15, 20 gunshots right after that. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zachari. >> the four deputies are in stable condition. we've also learned two other people, the civilians who were shot, they're expected to survive as
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new at 11:00, the north korean leader say the button is on his desk. says his forces are not a threat but a reality and that they can strike anywhere in the united states. the u.s. state department has disputed those claims in the past but so far no reaction from the white house. president trump is blasting iran's government on twitter as demonstrators there staged a fourth day of violent protests. the iranian government did acknowledge at least two protesters have died but denied the army opened fire. the government shutdown instagram as well as a messaging app called telegram that allowed them to communicate with each other. the government claim this is a blocked access to the website because of safety concerns and they protested over rising prices and government corruption. new tonight, remembering the victims g
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every year on new year's eve, a group gathered in the district honor the young people who have died every year hoping this vigil will be the last. outside the youth center they lit candles and read the names of these victims. organizers have been holding these vigils the past 27 years. government officials calling this weekend unprecedented. firefighters battled over a dozen fires in 24 hours from cold frigid conditions occurring primarily from people heat their home. it could have easily been prevented from someone discarding fireplace ashes improperly. >> someone removed their fireplace ashes and did it in an improper fashion and those rekindled or ignited and burnt down a large component of
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house. >> one firefighters slipped on ice and was hurt and fortunately that's the only injury this weekend and they're crediting working smoke detectors for that bit of good news. the redskins season is officially over. certainly wasn't the way this team was hoping to end the year. sherry burris joins us now. giants had only won what, two games all year? this wasn't pretty. >> it wasn't pretty. it was a very short-lived excitement for redskins and fans. they won the coin toss. capping off a disappointing season. the question is, could it have been the last time you saw kirk cousins in a redskins uniform. cousins intercepted one of three interceptions by cousins. shepherd takes advantage. eli
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in the end zone. giants beat the redskins, 18-10. redskins finished the season at 7-9. this is a deja vu season and giants ended the redskins last season. >> i have to ask you a gut feeling, is cousins back? >> you know, i don't know. i can rationalize it. i think it wouldn't hurt him to test the market and say, i do want to be here and this is my worth. as you said it, i will bet on myself, this is what i want. this is an option. he didn't give them a number last time. we will be busy. >> thanks, sheree. hundreds of thousands are flooding time square for one of the biggest new year's party in the world and being met by an unprecedented security presence. and we
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it has to be one of the most crowded places in the world right now. some in time square got there at 10:00 this morning. they're being protected by unprecedented security. >> reporter: a major security screening operation in place, as crowds pile in to see the shimmering waterford crystal ball ring in 2018. finding interesting wardrobe choices. >> i have layers on and hot warmers and all the excitement keeping us m.
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more ems workers looking for weather dangers. >> looking for people experiencing hypothermia. >> reporter: what does that look like? >> feeling clammy and speech disoriented. >> does it work? >> it does the opposite. thins out the blood and you will get colder faster. >> reporter: police in record numbers and for the first time in hotel that tower over the party. the fear, shooters could reign down terror on the crowd like the las vegas attack. police arrested a man where guns were found and ammo in his hotel room. they said it was legal and he had no plans to attack. it sparked fear
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officers trained to spot suicide bombers. >> we made an exit plan just in case but hopefully nothing happens. >> reporter: across the country, celebrations have been scaled back because of the cold. in boston, a skating show and fireworks display were cancelled. in new york, it will be 11 degrees at midnight. but an estimated 2 million people expected here are more than happy to be left out in the cold. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> look at them. still smiling. we're not quite done with them yet. chris malone will give us a live update on time square in about 15 minutes. it's been 2018 in many parts of the world. i shared some of the best celebrations on my facebook page. most countries put on fireworks but due by went above and beyond and athens with
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the atroppolis, one of the most famous landmarks and in moscow, replacing snow usually seen and berlin celebrating over the gates. >> 3, 2, 1! >> i know my kids are fast asleep and it's past their bedtime for a lot of children out there. these families didn't miss out on the new year's eve activities, but rang in 2018 at noon. the annual noon yards eve bash in south d.c. it's a great idea. i know my kids can't hang. they can't hang. >> i hope they're bundled up all the kiddos tonight to see fireworks. >> oh boy, oh boy, when we say dangerously cold sometimes that gets tossed around a lot, this truly is. >> as i was saying, 30 minutes
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frostbite. it's very easy to think you are okay. make sure you are layered up. it will be down right bone chilling cold. let's look at those headlines. the wind chill advisory went into effect at 9:00 p.m. issued by the national weather service. the reason we are under a storm 4 weather alert. that extends until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it will feel like below zero for some of us by the time we reach daybreak. we are tracking our next chance for snow. at this point, not looking too promising but we'll look at that on the 10-day for now. let's talk about these temps. in gaithersburg, already 7 below zero. leesburg, still in the teens. we don't have as much cloud as last night. we will lose any little bit of heat we have speaking
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highs in the low 20s. very very cold out there. tonight, we are expecting temperatures to hit 12 degrees for the overnight low. the wind advisory is in effect but the coldest just before daybreak. ringing in the new year around 12:00, starting to feel like 4 degrees in the district. this is a little off, this model, in fact already feeling colder in gaithersburg, pushes to it 7:00 a.m. this is what we're talking about. zero degrees in leesburg, feeling like minus 1 in fredericksburg. a look at your day planner, planning out tomorrow we won't lose a chill, just as cold. throughout the day pretty blustery as we are seeing a lot of wind for your monday. temperatures will peak in the low to mid-20s tomorrow. still cold and mostly sunny conditions. how about
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forecast. for those who do have tomorrow off, heading into tuesday, waking up, tons of sunshine, very breezy, temperatures on tuesday in the low to mid 20s. still pretty cold. the 10-day outlook, next couple of days still pretty frigid. the next day we bump up to the 20s a bit. the snow chance is not looking so promising for thursday. if we saw anything it would probably be south and east of the district and 95. we'll keep an eye on that. until then we are focusing on this cold. please layer up. >> no relief in sight, the 40s for at least a week. still ahead, the redskins
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i have to admit when we all started the year i don't think any of us thought we would be talking about an ending like this. >> did we? no offense. >> i was expecting 14-2 but not a losing record. >> i think we all dipped into the kool-aid the beginning of the year. >> i had a cup or two. >> it was good kool-aid and didn't pan out the way fans wanted. redskins fell short of their own expectations. the goal was to go 8-8, according to the coach, the head coach will be back next year but the quarterback another story. it was brisk in the meadowlands, fans braving the freezing temperatures. finding a lane and takes off, a bunch of
11:25 pm
redskins and the running back takes off to the house. 6-0. after kirk cousins throws an interception, eli manning dropping back hits hunter shark in the end zone. the giants two point conversion fails, and up 12-0. kirk cousins and the redskins cash in, cousins keeping it here for the 12-yard touchdown run and redskins on the board, down 12-7. cousins trying to lead the comeback but intercepted by kelvin shepherd, second pick for kelvin. redskins lose to the giants, 18-10. now the focus shifting to the future of the quarterback. george wallace has more from the meadow land. >> reporter: after disappointment of the season
11:26 pm
the way it is in pro-football nowadays. if you have one you like you want to keep one. we have to make that decision pretty soon or kirk will also. not totally up to us. kirk has to buy in also. we also have 18 or 19 other free agents i would like to take care of also. the end of the day we have a lot of work to do staff-wise and player-wise. >> the league is set up in a way we have a lot of time to make those decisions. i'll use all the time i can to be thorough and diligent. it's all about winning, certainly where everyone's focus is from the owner to the general manager to the head coach to the team to the fan base, we always want to win. >> reporter: everyone involved is hoping for a quick resolution. news4 sports. the wizards hosting the bulls. huge game for bradley beal. under two minutes to play. knocking down the three. game high
11:27 pm
one. in the final seconds of the game, chicago back on top by one, john wall on the drive, bucket and the foul. he had 21, wizards beat the bulls, 114-110. the birds not flying south just yet. a win and the ravens are in the playoffs. simple, right? well, under a minute to play in the game, bengals down three in a fourth and 12. andy dalton to tyler, first down and more, 49 yards go ahead touchdown. bengals knock the ravens out of playoff contention, 31-27. this means for the first time since 1999, the buffalo bills are in the playoffs. incredible. >> on social media they were calling it a miracle, miracle,
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. bitter cold out there. let's get one last look at the weather. >> this is feel-like temperatures around midnight. it will be in the single digits. gaithersburg is minus 1 already. it will be cold. in the 7:00 hour tomorrow morning, that's the dangerous chill. we have the wind chill advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're cold through your new year's day. then we go back to work. i put this forecast up for you. temperature is around 15 degrees to start on tuesday. plenty of sunshine on tuesday and we start to lose the wind. something to think about there. the 10 day outlook, is there hope in sight? wednesday, 30s, the following week, back to the 40s and we still have to make i t
11:32 pm
frigid air. thursday we're tracking a system closely, doesn't look very promising but could bring snow to the area. >> those first temperatures look like my daughter's first math home work, it's so low. >> have a great new year's eve celebration and blessed new year. we'll leave you with pictures around the area.
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the best or nothing. ♪ washington is gearing up for winter. the snow, the bitter cold and the freezing temperatures. but will it be a white winter, or will there be a snow drought? storm team 4 is tracking winter. >> welcome, everyone. i'm doug kammerer alongside my colleagues. yes, winter is here. today we're joining you from the georgetown waterfront. >> we've already seen a few chilly days and we know there's more to come. we've been working on our winter weather outlook. >> over the next half hour we'll break down how much snow we can expect this winter and how cold it will get. >> what about our four-legged friends? how to protect our pets this winter. >> we're going to


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